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LiiKe assists in renovating the old Finnclub to become a youth centre in Mtwara, Tanzania
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Old Finnclub getting a new outfit!


LiiKe – Sports & Development together with Sports Development Aid are
supporting disabled youth and school dropouts in Tanzania by repairing an old
Mtwara FinnClub and turning it into a sports and education center.
Many Finns are familiar with South Tanzania through the development projects in
Mtwara and Lindi regions. These projects mostly focused on education in forestry
and road infrastructure as well as physical education and health. During the
projects, Mtwara Finn Compound housed many Finnish families who spent their
free time playing sports at the former FinnClub. Today, the Compound and the
Club are just a shadow of their former glory – and the local youth, especially the
disabled, are not doing much better.

LiiKe – Sports & Development and Sports Development Aid want to help the local
youth. By turning the old FinnClub into a Mtwara Sports and Education Center we
can make the impossible possible. Local youth, including the disabled, will find
opportunities in education as well as employment. This will provide long-term
benefits to the whole society by improving equality, human rights, and
employment opportunities in these areas.

The goal is to raise 84,000 euros (99,000 USD) in one-time donations as well as to
find recurring donors to support the continuous improvement of the Center. We
plan to offer classes in gardening, hospitality, computer technology, physical and
health education, and languages.

In Tanzania, it is almost impossible for disabled persons to continue their education
after elementary school. Their disability is seen as a burden to their families and
there is little to no help available. The goal of Mtwara Sports and Education Center
is to change that.

Over 5,5 million Tanzanians are living with a restrictive disability and the mentally
disabled are a part of this constantly growing group of people. They are forced to
sustain themselves by begging for food and money as well as the little help they
get from their families. Since there are no post-elementary education opportunities
for the disabled, finding employment is nearly impossible. We would like to see a
future Tanzania where disabled youth has the same opportunities to educate and
employ themselves as their enabled peers.

More info in Finnish www.liike.fi/matwaara


Sports Development Aid workers are ready!


The tenniscourt at Finnclub needs maintenance too


A new hay-thatched roof is needed to the restaurant area