LiiKe Strategy 2019–2022

LiiKe – Sports & Development is a non-governmental organisation whose vision is to create sustainable and well-being world through sport and health education. We acknowledge four dimensions of well-being: mental, physical, economical and ecological.

LiiKe operates globally in Finland and in developing countries, where out focus is on the most vulnerable people; women, children and youth. We consider sport and health education to be powerful tools for equality, education and development in the local communities and schools.

We create safe and social space for the youth in schools and clubs to be actively involved in sport (mental and physical well-being). We support the status of the professionals of physical education. We also provide education and training to them. We strengthen the development of physical and economical issues of female communities (economical well-being). We highly consider ecological sustainability in all of our activities (ecological well-being).

LiiKe builds bridges to achieve sustainable global world. We export sustainable development and gender equality to the world of sports. We bind together the action-makers of physical and health education. We inform, create events and learning environments, look for passionate partnerships in order to create a sustainable world!