Evaluation report Physical and Health Education Development in Tanzania 2004–2014

Author(s): Tapani Frantsi, Päivi Frantsi, Tuuli Orasmaa, Hamad Ndee

Language: en

Institution: Frantsi&Frantsi Consulting

Department: Frantsi&Frantsi Consulting

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The purpose of the evaluation is to find information to
evaluate the impact of LiiKe’s projects and activities in the field
of sports Physical Education (PE) and health development
in Tanzania during the years 2004–2014. The aim is also to
provide information concerning the project’s effectiveness
and ineffectiveness, the impact of the projects and activities
on the education environment in Tanzania. The evaluation
should also try to map out the prevailing situation of sports
in schools and the educational environment in 2004, and
the positive and negative changes that have taken place since

LiiKe is in a process of revising its strategy and the aim of
this evaluation is to provide insight for the tentative future
scenarios based on the past decisions and achievements.
The scope of this evaluation is in the area of development
of sports and PE within the education system and their
possible relation to the Tanzanian targets in enhancing the
performance of education on various levels.