Evaluation of Education through Sports Project Singida 2007-9

Author(s): Ndee, Hamad

Language: en

Institution: University of Dar es Salaam

Department: Physical Education and Sports Sciences

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The picture has been painted that of a positive reception of the project by the majority of the stakeholders in Singida region. The evaluator interviewed a range of stakeholders who included educational officers (of different levels in the region), teachers, members of the Teacher’s Trade Union in the region and community members. In addition the evaluator sort the opinion of the SDA people based in Mtwara. Many of the stakeholders, in their heterogeneity, commended the initiative of providing goal posts to all primary schools in the region.

The stakeholders implied that the goal posts are a catalyst for the sports
development in the region as their appearance has increased attendance in
sports, raised the awareness for sports, raised the morale of sports teachers,
increased sports competitions among schools and among communities,
improved pupils academic performance, increased pupils attendance and
retention in schools and has raised an “appetite” for sports in the region.

The stakeholders also praised the seminars that accompanied the installation of the goal posts contending that the seminars have provided basic sports education to the participants. However, the stakeholders did not hesitate to point that the seminars were too short.

The evaluator also paid physical visits to the sites of the installed goal posts to establish, among other things, durability and measurements. The evaluator can confirm that the goal posts are of a very high standard in terms of the materials used and measurements. The goal posts are made of galvanized steel iron tat guarantees their durability. With good care the goal posts can last not less than 15 years to be cautious.

The evaluator concludes that as much as the goal posts have made an impact towards the development of sports in Singida, the assertions of increased pupils’ attendance, reduced absenteeism and improved academic performance require a thorough academic research. Subsequently the evaluator strongly recommends a thorough and in-depth research on the three points to establish the relationships between them, the relationships that the evaluator believes could be instrumental in the debate for improved teaching of physical education, especially at the grassroots level, the in primary level of education.